Inspiring Hope, Changing Lives

“Dear Minit Stop,

Thank you for your recent generous gift to HOPE Services Hawaii, Inc.  Your commitment to providing hope to families and individuals experiencing homelessness is appreciated by those who serve them and, most importantly, by those who benefit from our services – the many families and individuals in our community affected by homelessness.

Your recent generous gift of $500.00 to HOPE Services Hawaii, Inc. allows us to provide basic but necessary emergency supplies, shelter and assistance to families like “Amanda’s”.  Amanda’s family is not sleeping in their car tonight, but in a safe, warm bed in our emergency homeless shelter where they are given a clean, warm blanket, able to take a hot shower, eat a hot meal and get clean clothes.  In addition to these emergency services they will also have access to case management services and referrals and linkages to community programs.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable in our community.  We will keep you updated on HOPE’s impact and events in our community through our newsletter.  You can also see more “Stories of HOPE” by visiting our website at


Brandee Menino

Chief Executive Officer

HOPE Services Hawaii”



On every island in Hawaii families are sleeping in tents on the beaches, tucked away in the lava, and camped in public parks. Homeless parents work full time jobs while children do their homework by flashlight – in cars parked in Hawaii’s towns and cities. Many of our elderly have to decide between medication or food at the grocery store, and the mentally ill of our state are left with little resource but to sleep outside. Homelessness in Hawaii is a growing epidemic, and these statistics are heartbreaking:

  • Statewide, 12-15,000 people are homeless at some point of the year.
  • At least 6,000 are homeless at any given day.
  • Children make up 23.5-39% of the homeless.
  • 17-42% of Hawaii’s homeless are employed full-time.
  • 37% of the homeless are of Native Hawaiian ethnicity.

HOPE Services Hawaii Inc. is a statewide non-profit that provides an array of services to the homeless of Hawaii. These services include emergency and transitional housing 365 days a year, in addition to core services such as homeless outreach and supportive housing. In 2010, there was increased focus on homeless prevention and rapid re-housing due to a three year grant received through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.